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Graphic design is an effective way to communicate your Brand message or product, through web design, logo design, digital & print.

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Research is one of the most important parts of Graphic Design. Key elements I look out for are geo-location, target market, what your competitors are doing, what you like in a logo what you dont like in a logo, what you want to achieve and much more. Once I have gathered all the information I need to get started, I then go on to the next step, sketching out ideas.

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Once I have gathered the research information, I write down in front of me key parts of the research, I then start sketching ideas, ideas that have already started to form from the research. I lay down my initial thoughts, then I go back and start sketching a little more detail. Once I have some good ideas I then relay these sketches back to the client and go through my thought process and get feedback from the client. This cycle keeps going until we are happy.

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Feedback is important, communication is a major part in the design process, you have to keep talking no matter how uncomfortable it may get sometimes. The cycle of sketching, brainstorming and feedback from client are very important to move on to the assembleing of the logo, web site or brand design.

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Once we have our final ideas and sketches we take our drawings in to Adobe Illustrator were we start to assemble the logo, we will say logo just for this section, keep it simple. Once the logo is assembled I will make a few different versions of the logo depending on where it is going to be used. These would be sent to the client for any last changes before launch.

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Launch day, it's not as simple as it may seem. Every logo should have guidelines, guidelines keep the logo consistent through out your brand, you can't change the color of the logo or mess about changing elements of the logo, it needs to maintain its consistency across all mediums. Everyone in the company should be acustom to the logo guidelines and implement them at all times, consistency is a key factor.

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tearfund poster
solva care brand
quinquari marine logo
pembrokeshire online brand
my happy baby logo
meidrim school brand
evonix logo
digital dilemmas logo design
owner of rm graphic design

Hi, I'm Robert a graphic designer in Wales.

I'm a creative graphic and web designer. I to help businesses reach their audience through creative and communicative design.

Logo design, brand identity and responsive web design are my main areas I to work in.


My designs are original and unique to your business. Whether you ask me to create a website a primary school football team or the next logo for the 2024 Olympics, I will ensure a professional, unique design that fulfills your brief.

Over the 8 years I've been working in graphic design, I've put together a process of working with my clients to ensure I nail the design, which they will be happy with visually but will outperform their competitors and stay ahead of their target market in design terms.

How? I do my research and will ensure that your site is not just aesthetically pleasing but top performing in SEO, to help your rank better in search engine terms. I’m very competitive in this area, so welcome to SEO bootcamp. No slow-loading or broken links on my watch.


I offer a professional service in terms of I will complete the brief you give me, fulfilling your business aims alongside your aesthetic ideals. To do this I need to know how your business ticks, which is a process that can’t be done overnight.

This is where ‘just keep climbing comes in’. The getting to grips with you and your business is the hard work I’ll put in, before you get the nice view from the top ie your final design. Read my testimonials – they show how I like to put my business plan boots on before I pick up my pencil.


I am a strong believer in intuition. My favourite designer (and said to be one of the most googled designers in the world ever - David Carson - once said.

"For some reason I have a visual intuition that allows me to design things in an interesting way, and I don't know where that came from. Because I don't have this formal training, I seem to drift in a different direction."

Taking a leaf out of his book, I always try and design in an interesting way and throw myself wholeheartedly into your design.

Whilst this page is all about me, my background and my business, I understand what's important is my client's needs and preferences.

So although I could talk all day about design and my favourite designers, over to you - after all you’re the expert of your business.

All you have to do is get in touch.

bruce payne solva care
Solva Care cannot speak highly enough of Rob’s work. His help to develop our excellent logo and leaflet was absolutely stunning with responsive design at all stages. Rob was always available to answer any questions and nothing went unanswered. The feedback on his design work has been terrific - it was everything the team wished for and more. You would not regret working with him. Bruce Payne
martin horne winds
A pleasure working with Rob on the design of our company logo. His creative input and guidance was greatly appreciated as was his willingness to explore a multitude of options prior to coming to a final choice. Could not be more pleased with the finished product. Martin Horne
geraint michael ygroesfan
Using rm graphicdesign not only meant we ended up with a great website-they created a visual language for who we are and what we're about. A pleasure to work with, listening attentively to our requests-everyone who looks at our website comments on how beautiful it is. Micheal Geraint
ali hobson my happy baby
RMgraphic design, were able to quickly grasp the concept I was looking to create and came up with multiple options for me to take forward. By initially gaining a real understanding of my business plan, RMgraphic design were able to easily help me conceptualise my thoughts. Wouldn't hesitate to use them again or recommend to others. Ali Hobson